June 7, 2003 I found another "rune" mod called Rocketland.  Actually, runes is only  one variation of the mod, but it can be set so that it only plays in rune mode.  I set up a server at  The nice thing is that it has built-in frikbot support..  If you want to add bots you use impulse 100. I have it set so you can add up to 4 bots.  Impulse 102 removes them.  The runes are all passive type, in that they don't need an activation key.  Impulse 41 drops runes.


May 31, 2003

I thought I'd set up a new map rotation for both the BlueCherry and Hampton servers.  If you like it, send me money. if not, write your complaint on this line __ (in detail), and send it in right away!



























May 26, 2003 SlotZero decompiled the Hampton qwprogs.dat for me allowing me to get rid of the stuffcmd that resets your rate to 2500, so you don't need the work around in the hampt.cfg  for that anymore.  I now have a functional source for that mod.  Thanks SlotZero!  I have asked him to look into the problems with the King Arthur and Dark Knight runes spawning the monsters so that they drop through the floor.  Hopefully that can be fixed.  Remember, Hampton is not his mod, so it's really nice that he is willing to try and fix these things.  If you appreciate his help, why not drop SlotZero a note of thanks?


May 11, 2003 I received a request from 'Player' to create a BlueCherry Rune server that had no custom maps.  He sent me a list of eight  maps for the rotation:
  • e1m2 - castle of the damned
  • e1m3 - the necropolis
  • e1m5 - gloom keep
  • e1m7 - house of chthon
  • e2m2 - ogre citadel
  • dm2 - claustrophobopolis
  • dm4 - bad place
  • dm6 - dark zone

Players unfamiliar with the BC Rune mod can now experience it without needing custom maps.  The address is


May 2, 2003 The Hampton Road server has two annoying problems, The mod resets your rate to 2500 every time you respawn, and the hook is sticky and unreliable if you use +hook as the bind.  Here is a .cfg file that will fix those problems when you execute it from your console. The hook fix was discovered in an old rune server file by "Player."


April 27, 2003 Just for grins I set up an experimental configuration at It is set with the following major switches:
  • 60 second rune drops.
  • free-hook grappling hook (always on).
  • basic/lite 4 rune set, i.e., strength, regeneration, resistance, and haste.
  • no alternate weapons.
  • damage-based frag scoring.

Here is what the documents say about that:

In this mode frags are scored not by killing people, but by doing damage to them. This isn't an original idea, I read about it a few years ago. My implementation might differ from the original, though, I didn't consult it. Here's how it works:

- You get credit for doing damage to other players, regardless of whether you're damaging their health or their armor.

- You lose credit for doing damage to yourself, be it by suicide, rocket jumping, swimming in lava, or whatever.

- A frag is equal to 150 points of damage. You have a running counter of damage done which hasn't added up to a frag yet. If it climbs to 150 you get a frag, if it drops to -150 you lose a frag. You can get multiple frags from a single kill (by killing somebody with 300 health with kamikaze or berserk or quad, eg). The rules are simple, but some of the implications are surprising. Eg, piercing becomes a much less desirable rune because you get less benefit from each kill.

Try it out. If you like it let me know and I may make it permanent.


April 26. 2003 The Rune Quake server was upgraded to version 0.8.2. SlotZero pointed out that bombs behave differently in Quake World than in Net Quake.  In Quake World a bomb attached to a player causes the player to freeze in place.  I kind of like that,, and I assumed that was part of the plan.  Kind of adds to the humiliation of it all :^):


April 12, 2003 Well the site is starting to flesh out, but since I expect very little traffic here I wonder why I am spending so much time at it!  I have added a section on Quakeworld or Net Quake which tells a little of the history of The House of Happy! servers and has a link to a very informative paper discussing the relative superiority of Quakeworld over Net Quake. ( I chose those words carefully to enflame your passions . . .)


April 11, 2003 Thanks to Slot Zero for offering to host this site.  For now it will contain basic information about the servers and a place to download the custom maps that you need to play on the servers.  I plan to add links to my custom Quakeworld map textures which can be enjoyed by using the Fuhquake open_gl client.