Quakeworld Servers


Rune Quake



This modification is the old RJS-Artifact Rune Quake which is now maintained by Slot Zero,  He  renamed it Rune Quake and has faithfully carried out the mod's evolution. The server is set for free grappling hook and instant rune drops.  The graple does lots of damage, and can be used as another weapon.  Speaking of weapons, most guns have an alternate weapon choice.  Press the weapon selection number a second time to get it, e.g., if you press 8 twice you get the BFG.  There are several custom maps which you can download from the game or from here to save time.


Brutal Rune Quake


This is an interesting variation on the classic Artifact rune game.  It kind of reminds me of the Brutal Battle Server mod I used to play years ago, hence the name "Brutal Rune Quake".  It's quite fast paced, and with three or more players it can be a riot! It is set with the following major switches:
  • 60 second rune drops
  • free-hook grappling hook (always on)
  • basic/lite 4 rune set, i.e., strength, regeneration, resistance, and haste.
  • damage-based frag scoring.
  • No alternate weapons


Blue Cherry  Runes - Linux Server


This is a very high energy rune mod.  Some of the runes are different and they are designed to encourage a fast paced,  high fragging game.  Lots of Custom maps here too. Watch out for death packs and the rune of fate. Ice and holograms can kill you!
Blue Cherry Runes - Win2k Server


This server runs a rotation of all custom maps which are being considered for the other servers.  Try them out and let me know what you think.


Blue Cherry Runes -

No Custom maps


This is the Bluecherry mod running an all standard map rotation. This is a good place to bring new playersbecause they won't have to download any custom maps to play on this server.  If they like it, then they can go to the downloads page to get the custom maps.

Rocketland -

With Runes


I found another "rune" mod called Rocketland Actually, runes is only  one variation of the mod, but it can be set so that it only plays in rune mode.   A nicefeature is that it has built-in frikbot support..  If you want to add bots you use impulse 100. I have it set so you can add up to 4 bots.  Impulse 102 removes them.  The runes are all passive type, in that they don't need an activation key.  Impulse 41 drops runes.
Hampton Road Artifact Rune Server


This rune mod is really old.  Again, it has some different runes from the other two, and some of the runes, although similar, behave a little differently.  The hook is a little quirkey, but it does a lot of damage and can actually move items and power-ups around the map!  This is a fun mod for those days you are feeling less competitive and want to just have a ball playing some friends.

The Hampton Road server has two annoying problems, the mod resets your rate to 2500 every time you respawn, and the hook is sticky and unreliable if you use +hook as the bind.  Here is a .cfg file that will fix those problems when you execute it from your console.


Quake III Server


Rune Quake 3 Version 2 Beta 2


Rune Quake3 is an  implementation of the artifact quake/quakeworld mods. It is maintained by Jared "KnyteHawkk" Larsen. This mod has was once in active development, but took a hiatus when Jared had an unfortunate hard disk failure.  He is planning on a total rewrite beginning in early 2003.  The game physics are much different from Quakeworld, and the runes are similar to Slot Zero's Rune Quake.